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P-26 Peashooter Slider
P-26 Peashooter Slider

Use the mouse to slide together the P-26 fighter aircraft in several sizes

We are sorry. There is no instructions available for this game, yet.

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    Speaking as a parent of four children, that age is perfect for games like homeward. You just have to balance them in one arm, and move your keyboard so you can hit the shift/ctrl keys when needed with a finger but they just sleep bundled up and are easy to hold and play RTS games.nWhen they get a bit bigger, you can cradle their neck in your left hand and keep their head upright and resting on your hand in a almost a grip of their neck, more like a guitar rest where the neck sits. you straddle them across your leg and bounce em gently. (if you have larger hands and they have tiny melo1 it works great) having a hard time describing it as my youngest is now three and it’s a bit of a vague memory.nMy fi1t kid my wife hated that pose, it looked like i was about to snap my daughte1 neck. Just don’t play games that make you nerd rage and you should be fine. ;)nAlso, more recently they have these little chai1 called bumpo or something like that and at 3-6 months they can sit no your desk watching you while you play. My youngest liked that a lot. Once they’re mobile though, yer screwed.

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Date added:  April 14, 2016