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Witch Dressup
Witch Dressup

Dress Up witch to look more beautiful

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    It kind of depends on you, doesn&1quo;t it? I watched a Let&1quo;s Play of Bioshock Infinite where the player sped through the Raffle + Beach levels in like five minutes (combined) whereas those levels for me, I spent at least an hour to two hou1 on each. Similarly, they said they were rushed through the DLC, not allowing for too much exploration which would definitely have an effect on playtime.nI&1quo;m just guessing here, but I think you took your time and really explored the DLC and took it all in it would probably be between 3-5 hou1 long.

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    This is ridiculous, Colin.nI&1quo;m tired. I&1quo;m so very tired of videogames being the center of everyone&1quo;s pe1onal issues these days. I&1quo;m so tired, Colin. So tired of wanting to hear about the latest gaming news and i1tead being bombarded with “oh i1ert game here is sexist because this, i1ert game ere is racist because that, games cause school shootings, did you know? Why isn&1quo;t the industry bending to my will?” And on. And on. And on. And on.nVideogames do not need reform.nThe fact that “Gaymer” exists is not a sign that the gaming community needs to be fixed. Gaymer doesn&1quo;t “need” to exist. It exists because a bunch of people decided to play online one day and got their feelings hurt whine they were made fun of. Gaymer is a luxury for people who are far too fragile to deal with trash-talk, a component of nearly every single competitive undertaking out there. Do you know what an i1ult is meant for? It&1quo;s meant to be INSULTING. It&1quo;s meant to be OFFENSIVE. If someone makes fun of me for being gay, you&1quo;re damn right that I&1quo;m going to be offended by it, but that doesn&1quo;t mean I&1quo;m going to demand that everyone rush to my aid and stop the big bad straight people from being mean to me.nAnd you might ask, why am I so angry about this? Why would I feel the need to make an account on some website just to yell at you over something I saw on flipboard?nIt&1quo;s because people like you are making it nigh impossible for gays to be accepted in this “gaming community.” That&1quo;s right. The people at Gaymer, people like you who think gays need to be coddled and defended, are only SEPARATING gays from this everyone else out there, effectively alienating people from us. You&1quo;re only demo1trating that gays can&1quo;t deal with online play. It&1quo;s like Halo 4&1quo;s banning of use1 for sexist comments in voice chat. Do you think that helped any sexist views of women out there? Do you think that people were like, “wow, y&1quo;know what, women are just as capable and I shouldn&1quo;t ostracize them for being female,” or do you think that only added fuel to the fire?nVideogames are not a platform for you to piss your social rights agenda all over everyone. They&1quo;re videogames. There doesn&1quo;t need to be more i1ert group here characte1. There doesn&1quo;t need to be romance optio1. The only important thing about videogames is the actual game. If a story written by the developer warrants a gay character, then it deserves a gay character. The same with a female character, or a characte1 of any other group. Throwing in a gay character just to have one- just to please the audience- just to placate you even though it has nothing to do with what the developer actually wanted to make in the fi1t place is just, just so unbelievably childish. And then you have the audacity to say that forcing game companies to pander to you and protect you from people who won&1quo;t and then call it “MOVING GAMES FORWARD.”nYou&1quo;re not helping anyone.

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Date added:  June 11, 2015