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BMX Stunts 3
BMX Stunts 3

Help Sammy jump over these obstacles, Collect items and get the highest score possible in this addictive bike game

We are sorry. There is no instructions available for this game, yet.

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    Nobody beats the Biz! Especially a shark when he has a knife. This looks so bad it’s gotta be good.

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    Sony has effectively burned all it’s PS4 early adopte1 by announcing their new souped up PS4. I paid for this co1ole once already – not that long ago, and now I’m being told that it’s gonna be behind the curve – I’m not buying it a second time.nEvery time I read these threads full of Nintendo-Nay-Saye1, I just think about the massive stacks that Nintendo is sitting on, allowing them to take as much time as they want to make whatever they want. Wasn’t there some statistic floating around a couple yea1 back that they could lose money for however X number of yea1 and still be financially okay? They’re not concerned that “Anon1234” is swearing off their products forever. They’re gonna make the next i1tallment of their big franchises and and their next co1ole and they’re not gonna give a sh*t if the people who aren’t already on their team don’t buy it. nWho’s got two thumbs and is ready to pre-order an NX and the new Zelda as soon as they’re available? This guy.

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Date added:  March 23, 2014