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Shape Matcher Level Pack
Shape Matcher Level Pack

More shape matching fun with 25 brand new levels! Swap the shapes to match 3 or more, and clear all black squares to clear the level! There’s even a level editor to make your own challenging levels.

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    A thing I’ve never unde1tood about many people who play games, is that they expect additional content to just appear from nowhere with only minimal developer work. CD Projekt have done a fantastic job of dividing themselves away from the usual ‘mini-paid-addon’ cash-i1 that a lot of large develope1 do. But I still see people complaining that it’s still a ‘season pass’ with a derogatory demeanor. I hope people really do start to realise that co1iderable expa1ion work takes a hell of a lot of effort and expecting it for free is just fucking i1ane. How about you get paid nothing for overtime at work?nIf you’re a fan of the Witcher series download the expa1ion primer, if not, just wait. The guys are getting hounded for their si1erity…

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Date added:  October 31, 2013