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Super Bomb Bugs
Super Bomb Bugs

It’s time for some classic platforming action in Super Bomb Bugs. 20 levels over 4 unique worlds await!

Help our Bomb Bug recover his gems and artifacts that have been scattered over 4 worlds, ranging from Industrial to Ice to Future to Medieval.

You’ll also find suits dotted along the way to give you a helping hand. Fancy firing some fireballs for a change – that’s easy, just pick up this Dragon suit, or how about a Penguin suit that stops you slipping on ice? 6 suits to discover in total!


Up to 4 players in co-op and battle modes
20 levels over 4 unique worlds
6 suits each with a uinique set of abilities
Varied bad guys
Cunning puzzles
Teleports, exploding barrels, spikes, draw-bridges, stompers and more
Completely redefineable keyboard controls
Brass Monkey controller support – turn your smartphone in to a gamepad

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    James I disagree that it’s for two totally different markets. I’d love to say that I’m alone as the only adult player of this game that is a WP7 user but Iknow I’m not. I cant wait for this! My kids will love it too. Anybody know if they have announced a date?

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    Orcs must die because they want to eat my potatos.

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Date added:  August 30, 2011